Goodbye Tumblr,

It’s been a pleasure.


So excited to go to aqua fit tomorow after work haha!

Bad week

Bad bad week.

Oh + Happy St. Paddy’s day
Currently loving,

The Radio One longest show on air for red nose day. (:

This month,

I have been invited to;

A house party this friday
Frankensteins wedding this Saturday
A meal on tuesday
A night out next friday
Cee Lo Green next sunday

Look like a tramp,

Because I’m going to the gym in my gym stuff.


Such a bloody awkward shift at work.

My head feels like someones drilling in it,

Id love to curl up in bed, under the covers with the lights off, but i have too much work to do :(

Best part of the interview,

Marco is talking about possibly winning an oscar in later years, and in the background suddenly starts playing Rule The World by Coldplay…

Uni work is a ball ache,

Ergh. This whole presentation for MOI is annoying, but it turns out its due a week after i thought and divvying up the roles between us might not be that bad.

On the other hand i interviewed the nicest guy today, which i can use for two modules, so its half the work and twice the fun really. He bought me a brew and gave me a hug (:

I wish all this work would either do its self or just piss off.

Fully charging everything

Before tomorows interview with Marco + Greg. Im up at 7:30 to get the 8:30 bus! So that i can go down to university, hire a camera, do my research and write my questions. So glad the meeting is at cafe nero ha.

Moans etc.

I have done so many hours at work and it is not worth the pay at the end of it. Twenty hours doesn’t even get me £100! At least I’m not getting taxed for like another three months.

On the other hand my manager asked me yesterday if I’d like to be first aid trained soon, and I said yes (although its disgusting when you have to do it at work, it looks dead good on your CV, and if you’re put onto the 3 day course, you get paid!) Sweet!

I’ve also managed to sort out some interviews for those pieces of work I was complaining about!

So much hate

For the managers at work. So much.


Tea, clean room, frasier, bed.